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Understated can still be impactful and chic!


Following the traditional wedding of Sarah & Jehan, our design team were given the challenge of creating a one of a kind celebration for the special couple. Once the chic, ‘all – white’ look and feel was briefed by the bride herself, our expert team created a perfect balance between classic and romantic wedding design, combined with on-trend elements that would add to the overall glamorous soirée!

It was important for the couple that their personalities and unique sense of style was evident throughout the day. This was shown through the many bespoke, custom made design elements! A unique botanical print was replicated on the highlight structural and decorative décor pieces throughout the various areas of the day – creating a sense of personalised luxury!

The ‘wow’ factor for both the guests and the couple was the spectacular bridal table. A custom-built platform was constructed and positioned over the swimming pool with a stunning white and blush floral structure that created a lush backdrop for the newly married couple. To tie the whole look together for this designer and chic wedding was the on – trend marble design accents that were subtly styled creating a flow between the areas of the wedding and adding that extra touch of luxury and sophistication to the all – white look.

Photography by: Tyme Photography