“This wedding was the perfect balance between classic and romantic wedding design, combined with on-trend elements that add a glamorous undertone.”

“This wedding was the perfect balance between classic and romantic wedding design, combined with on-trend elements that add a glamorous undertone.”

After designing and coordinating Sarah and Jehan’s traditional wedding – the standards were set exceptionally high for their next celebration that would follow a few months later. It was up to our Design Team to strike the perfect balance between classic and romantic wedding design, combined with on-trend elements that would add a glamorous undertone.

It was imperative for the couple that like their traditional wedding; their individual cultures were recognised and celebrated throughout the day. The intimate blessing ceremony, the Nikkah, took place in the morning surrounded by family, and this is where customarily the bride is welcomed into the groom’s family.  Great pride and detail went into this celebration, particularly into Sarah & Jehan’s outfits which were specifically designed for this occasion. The chic ‘all white’ look and feel was introduced almost as a teaser for what lay ahead.

Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay Nikkah Ceremony Sarah Langa Nikkah Ceremony Nikkah Ceremony Attire Tom Ford Wedding Shoes Modern Wedding at Munro Hotel Sarah Mackay and Jehan Mackay Wedding

The celebration continued at the über stylish Munro Hotel which overlooks the world’s largest urban forest as well as the Johannesburg skyline. The lavish reception was held on the terrace and this picturesque view proved to be the perfect backdrop to complement their décor look and feel.

Together with the all-white colour scheme it was key that our design team incorporated the couple’s unique sense of personal style, so this was introduced through the many custom made design elements. A distinctive botanical print was replicated on highlight structural and decorative décor pieces such as the cocktail bar, customised lampshades, the photo booth backdrop and personalised napkins – thus creating a sense of personalised luxury that continued throughout this one of a kind celebration! On-trend marble details were incorporated on the dinner tables adding a final touch of sophistication and glamour to the all-white floral look.

Glamorous White Wedding Marble and Gold wedding stationery Luxury wedding transport Wedding floral bridal table customised wedding bar White and gold wedding details

A key element of the evening was to create a ‘wow’ factor with the bridal table! Sarah and Jehan wanted something truly spectacular to frame them as newlyweds, and to ensure that they had full view of all their guests. Our team took the challenge on and created a custom built platform that was positioned over the swimming pool with a stunning white and blush floral structure that created a lush backdrop. This become the focal point at the reception along with the brides favourite flowers, romantic candlelight and not to forget the Johannesburg city lights in the horizon.

Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay bridal table 5 star hotel wedding Luxury white wedding All white wedding Gold wedding cutlery marble wedding desserts and cake wedding photo wall

As the sun set, the evening’s festivities were in full swing with a live string duo performance and a highlight comedian act to surprise the guests. Talented South African house and HipHop DJ, DJ Voodoo, set the vibe for a night filled with heartfelt speeches, singing and dancing! Another highlight for the evening was the incredible wedding cake – a stylish marble show stopper! This beautifully complemented the dessert table that was filled with marble designed edible treats, including hand-made marble chocolates, another favourite for our bride!

Marble wedding cake Botanical photo wall DJ Voodoo wedding

Creating personalised and bespoke design details is a service that we pride ourselves on, when mixed with a couple who give us creative freedom with the overall concept and design – this truly is a recipe for a Flagship Wedding Concepts Celebration!

Elegant Wedding setting - Sarah and Jehan Mackay

Images by: Tyme Photography