Whats On Trend for Spring: Coral & Aqua

“This season all eyes are on coral and aqua as it’s such a striking, unlikely, and refreshing colour combination. ”

“This season all eyes are on coral and aqua as it’s such a striking, unlikely, and refreshing colour combination. ”

With summer on its way, brights are back in vogue. This season’s hottest colour combo, coral and aqua, takes its cue from the ocean to create a wedding look that’s fabulously fresh and fun! The team from Wedding Concepts were approached by Wedding Inspirations Magazine to create a spring table that would set the tone for the summer wedding season ahead. Sunny days lend themselves to bright celebrations as skies are blue and moods are high. This season all eyes are on coral and aqua as it’s such a striking, unlikely, and refreshing colour combination – perfect for the zest of Spring. Most people are familiar with both the Aqua and the Coral from a fashion point of view – but very few know that one can pull it through to a cutting edge wedding celebration. We wanted to break away from the normative monochromes and safe white on white theme, showing that by being daring one can establish an atmosphere that is as unpredictable as it is stylish and sophisticated.

Follow our top tips on how to make this hot colour palette – or any bright look – work for your wedding day:

1. Don’t make your colour combinations overtly matched or obvious. Instead of limiting yourself to just two colours, rather work within a selected scheme of different hues and tones all belonging to the same colour family. This makes things feel less contrived and adds points of interest or focal highlights throughout your set-up.  Don’t hesitate to be bold though – this is not a look for the faint at heart!

2. We opted for a variety of different place settings in order to avoid repetition and formality as this colour scheme doesn’t want to be tied down.  But there shouldn’t be a need to utilise the colour in absolutely every element on the day – therefore we also added some neutrals.  This helps to create strong contrasts and spreads out the impact more effectively. Use Perspex Tiffany chairs, stone coloured linen and plain crystal glassware to create a strong, unassuming base. Add character and complexity by adding mismatched crockery, interesting floral arrangements and frisky bunting.

3. Use fragrant flowers such as Tuberoses to liven up the ambiance, and neat posies of carnations for a tongue in cheek element.  Spray paint twigs in your favourite hues of aqua and coral to lend a touch of abstraction. We ensured our colours ranged all the way from light blue to pale pink.

4. Stationery is very important and one should again opt for bold fonts and patterns in order to do the colour justice.  Design playful lolly-shaped Order of Service cards and laser cut guest names to demonstrate your attention to detail.

5. Apply the theme to your food by preparing similarly coloured cocktails such as Cosmo’s and Blue Hawaiians – we set up a fantastic Bloody Mary station with cute mini flags identifying the respective ingredients where guests can help themselves and interact.  As for dishes, ingredients like salmon, tuna, melon, grapefruit, beetroot, nuts, and ginger typically possess the beautiful coral colour you’ll want to incorporate.  Design your ideal menu with these in mind and serve them on aqua coloured bric-a-brac objets d’art. This celebration is a relaxed seaside spectacular, hence we opted for a variety of seafood dishes and wholesome salads that are easy to share.

6. Your cake can by brought into the overall mix by using ribbon and floral decoration – make sure it’s as simple or grand as you like.   You can also add mini-cakes, petit fours, macaroons, and cookies to your dessert offering as all these can be enjoyed on the go.

7. One of the key areas of application is the choosing of suitable bridal attire and accessories.  Spend time to hunt down a unique pair of shoes, handmade shirts and eye catching bridesmaids dresses – your options should be vast!  Round off your personal look withunusual jewellery pieces, hand bouquets and boutonnieres.

Credit List:

Concept and Creative Styling: Hannes Loubser from Wedding Concepts

Production and coordination: Kate Rawbone from Wedding Concepts

Additional styling, Stationery & Bespoke Bridal Fascinators: Donna Christie-Gibbon

Photographer: Annemari Ruthven

Venue: The POD Boutique Hotel

Flowers: Aspen Flowers & Co.

Hiring: Urban Tonic

Laser-cut stationery: Doodles Laser

Lighting & Chandeliers: Something-Different

Wedding Cake & cookies: Roxanne Floquet Cake Design

Menu: Food Fanatics

Wedding Dress: Kobus Dippenaar

Hair & Make-Up: Nicci Marx

Models: Kristi Launder & Bunnie Loubser for Wedding Concepts

Coral Dress & White Belt: Mungo & Jemima

Candelabra, Vivienne Westwood Shoes, blue necklace: Imagenius

Various crockery: Plush Bazaar HiringEsra Bosch

Pearls and Coral Blue Necklace: Baroque(Shop 18, Lifestyle on Kloof Centre, Gardens)

Shirts & tie: Blue Collar White Collar

Suits & Belts: Fabiani