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If you have a set colour palette to work with, try alternating table colours and concepts to create depth and interest across a vast area. This not only adds perspective to the room but also allows for more creative thinking over 2 table designs.

The Story:

Simply put, Yewande and Bolawa’s wedding was fabulously larger than life. From the vibrant outfits, to the personalities, and of course – the guest list! In the summer of 2014, 330 Nigerian’s descended on Cape Town from Lagos, Chicago, and Canada to take part in an incredible all day celebration! And what a party it was!

In Nigeria, classically all traditional weddings have a “Colour of the Day”, and for this destination wedding, the colours were Champagne Gold and Coral. The idea is that the bride and groom – with their family’s assistance – pick a colour scheme that actually consists of 2 shades that work well together.   Guests are then required to dress in the chosen colour palette by using the fabrics supplied by the families and incorporate them into their outfits. This beautiful combination set the perfect mood for a dazzling summer winelands celebration, and for the Wedding Concepts Team it was the perfect recipe from which to create something remarkable!

Set in one of the most picturesque wine estates in Somerset West our team transformed a blank canvas into a glittering spectacle of champagne gold and coral. To add depth to the vast space it was decided to alternate table colours and concepts by using the colours of the day. Custom made coral table cloths were adorned with lush tall arrangements and 5-armed gold candelabra, whilst the luxurious gold tables were decorated with 5-armed crystal candelabra and a single tall arrangement resting proudly on a gold stand. Delicate handmade garlands of white orchids met the tables as they cascaded down from the glorious crystal chandeliers.

After the touching ceremony and vibey pre-dinner drinks, the couple and their retinue of 18 bridesmaids and groomsmen, danced their way into the reception. Both sets of parents preceded the bridal couple and what a dancing showdown it was! It truly is a sight to behold to witness a styled reception space filled with over 300 guests all wearing the same colours as the décor. This was by far one of the ultimate highlights for our team!

After many fantastic, heartfelt speeches and dinner – the guests finally hit the dance floor. The bride, groom and their retinue quickly escaped to change into their traditional outfits. For Yewande and Bolawa their colours were slightly different with some touches of purple to ensure that as the bridal couple, they stood out. Dressed and comfortable, they made their second entrance to a dance floor that was full with family and friends. If they planned on making another escape, it did not happen till the early hours of the next morning!

The Photographer: Kristi Agier