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Stay true to your roots! This is what makes each wedding so unique by not always being inspired by whats on Pinterest or the internet but rather what inspires you both, as a couple.  This beautiful wedding is the perfect showcase of the incorporating two different backgrounds, personal styles & cultures into the Modern Asian Celebration that it was!

The Story:

An essential part of designing a wedding is ensuring that if the couple originate from different countries, not only is their personal style considered, but also their individual customs and culture. Margaret and Mark both have international upbringings and currently live abroad, however Mark is South African and Margaret is Taiwanese. It was up to our design team to create an elegant look whilst finding the perfect balance between their modern style and incorporating both South African and Taiwanese designer details.

A picturesque venue in the Somerset West winelands played host to their celebration and our design team eagerly got to work and sought to interpret their modern Asian inspired look with a distinct “wow” factor. The rationale was that the chic would remain clean, uncomplicated and fresh, with white being used as the highlight colour. Suspended floral features are a huge décor trend in 2014 and our team chose to incorporate this look into the wedding’s brief. Across the full length of three 12-meter long reception tables, handpicked branches were expertly suspended from the venue ceiling. In total a 36-meter floral suspension! As assortment of sculpted florals and foliage were skillfully attached to the floating branches, and delicate trailing orchids further softened the look. This installation took a staggering 3 days to install! The modern colour palette of white, blue and silver-grey worked flawlessly together within the reception space and fashionable Phillip Stark ghost chairs finished the look off perfectly.

Small Asian inspired décor details were featured throughout the day and added beautiful thoughtful touches. Hand folded origami swans were incorporated into an escort card table, which later become a dessert station that was softly lit by customized lampshades, showcasing the couple’s hand painted insignia. This same design was carried through onto all the follow-on stationery. The menu featured hand drawn images of historical architecture as well as symbols of recognizable natural features from both Taiwan and South Africa.

At the reception, besides the exquisite reception tables, manicured Bonsai trees were placed around the periphery of the room to enhance the chic. After dinner a delicious Mojito cocktail mix was prepared in large Ming Pots and then poured into small Chinese cups. During Mark’s speech, each guest received a mini-Mojito so as to toast the couple in what they called a “Mojito Moment”. A fun ritual the couple experienced on their many travels together.

The Photographer: Jean-Pierre Uys