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Unusual decor elements can really complete the overall look and feel – better than you may think!

The Story:

Lojanka and Jaco de Wet’s love for detail was clear from the off set. Being an interior decorator, Lojanka was very clear on the theme, style and décor ideas for their celebration. Classic elements both vintage and modern had to be brought together in a beautiful, soft and simple approach. The muted key colour scheme that would be carried throughout the décor and floral elements were shades of white and cream, soft sandy hues and shades of gold and butter yellow, highlighted with soft tones of grey, pink and green. In order to contribute to the antique look authentic old world farm elements were introduced into the mix.

The wedding day can only be described as an absolute feast for the eyes! Soft indigenous field flowers mixed with delicate clusters of dusty coloured roses, lilies, dahlias, lisianthus and chinks in antique vases, silver tea pots and glass bell jars adorned the elegant tables. Vintage books tied together with ribbon and lace served as elements of height on the table for candles in mother of pearl and glass containers. Vintage sewing machines not only contributed towards the theme as decorative features but also became the menu which was printed on beautiful ostrich shell coloured canvas and woven through the machines. Soft pink water glasses, studded glass base plates added a touch of French inspired glamour to the tables. Individual pots of aloes and cacti accompanied by strings of pearls, antique book bricks and candles were heaped together in little nooks especially created as areas of interest for the guests. With the glow of fairy lights hovering above the tables, the evening was nothing short of magical.


Ian Mitchinson & Gisela Harck