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Who says large weddings are impersonal? Create a connection with each guest by keeping the formalities intimate and by wowing them with superlative attention to detail.

The Story:

Khanyi and Chinezi’s spectacular wedding day was marked not only by sophistication but also by real heart and soul.  An intricately decorated gazebo adorned with soft flowing fabric and lush flower urns awaited guests as they made their way down an upholstered isle stretching across a hundred metres for the ceremony.  Afterwards, in the shade of ancient Oaks, they found comfort in a variety of lounge sets all conforming to a contemporary-chic theme with undertones of a zen spa experience.


The reception marquee, however, was the main attraction.  Elevated two meters above the ground and illuminated inside and out by a combination of striking cylindrical chandeliers and table lamps, it became the hub – shaded in elegant hues of pale blue and light pink – for an evening of unrivaled festivity.  Guests savoured the sounds of a friend of the couple who delivered a heart rendering serenade performance whilst they tucked into a menu comprising authentic Malay and Indian influences as well as some North African flavours.


The blissful beauty aside, Khanyi and Chinezi’s top priority was to make each guest feel personally welcomed.  With the sheer amount of tailored touch points bearing their unique stamp, there’s no doubt that this celebration will be remembered for its cutting edge style as well as the strong solidarity between all those who shared in this momentous union.


Jean-Pierre Uys