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Dare to be different by combining seemingly unrelated styles and décor elements to create a brand new direction.  Go wild with colour and mix items from diverse eras and cultures to balance a sense of nostalgia with just the right measure of nouveau.


South African born Gaynor works as a designer in magazine publishing and knows exactly how an idea comes together.  She had no problem in articulating her vision of a relaxed though chic day with authentic South African flavours and sounds.  Our aim was to create a romantic dining room atmosphere, rich with colour and different textures.  The use of tablecloths in an oyster hue and walnut Tiffany chairs ensured that the base of the set-up remained suitably neutral and natural; hence we turned our attention to getting the floral mix just right.

For the tables, we opted for one large centrepiece with a variety of rustic blooms in opulent jewel tones which were arranged in an asymmetrical fashion and kept rather low.  Beautiful Ming vases and delft plates in white and blue adorned the tables while bookshelves behind the bridal table, floral carpets and potted Poplar trees created layered dimensions throughout the reception space.  The overall effect was as striking as it was stylish.

Nic has a Chinese heritage and hence it was decided to incorporate Chinese elements into the stationery, lighting and furniture.  Chinese lanterns in clusters as well as wooden Chinese side tables provided a sense of warmth and playfulness whilst mirroring the bold colour palette of the flowers.

Gaynor and Nic share an offbeat sense of humour, and so it was decided to surprise guests with a Marimba performance at the end of the main meal.  After a glorious outdoor ceremony, gentle Gypsy music and a wonderful line-up of speeches, this was the perfect ignition to a party that would carry on until the early morning hours.


Annemari Ruthven