The Stunning New Colour Trends for Spring/Summer – Our styled shoot!

“Various wedding trends come and go but colour palettes never really seem to change or evolve. Our creative team wanted to present a new and exciting range of colours for spring and summer weddings, showcasing a vibrant, modern and on-trend palette alternative to the soft feminine themes that tend to dominate the wedding industry.”

“Various wedding trends come and go but colour palettes never really seem to change or evolve. Our creative team wanted to present a new and exciting range of colours for spring and summer weddings, showcasing a vibrant, modern and on-trend palette alternative to the soft feminine themes that tend to dominate the wedding industry.”

Vibrant, sophisticated and modern. There is no specific “theme” to this styled shoot but rather a distinctive choice of contemporary colours that work beautifully when combined! Vivid aquatic hues such as Amazonian green and electric teal are enlivened by shades of bright yellow to create a vibrant and modern palette alternative for the 1970s-inspired glamour bride.

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Behind the Inspiration…

Our design team keep up to date with international trends by following global leaders in design across various subjects such as lifestyle and fashion, so the inspiration for this look was a colour trend that came straight off the European summer catwalks. It was bold, it was brave and it was a combination of specific colours that we had not seen before. However, it became clear that these colours were, in their own right, “Highlight Colours”, so we needed to include complementary base colours to tone it down and add a glamorous edge. With the addition of metallics, stone and white, this vibrant look was now “wedding ready”! International brides and wedding creatives are looking for vibrancy in new contemporary palettes that have a definitive “wow” factor that separate it from the rest – and this is certainly it!

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The Perfect Bride in the Perfect Setting!

The inspiration for the styling of the bride is that of an updated 70’s glamour bride – bold lined eyes, soft lips, big hair and subtle bohemian influences. The 3 different looks that were showcased included some classic 70’s bridal elements such as batwing sleeves, embellished veils, prints on dresses and of course exquisite bejeweled bohemian headpieces. We also showcased wedding dresses that were not necessarily white – again breaking the mould from the norm and reminding brides that they can wear any colour on their wedding day– they just have to take that brave leap!

Spring and summer bring with them a desire to shake off those dark dull winter colours and embrace everything that is bright and fresh! So this is certainly a look that would work in the up and coming 2015/2016 spring and summer seasons. And when it comes to the best location, of course the first notion that springs to mind is an urban setting, however this look would work absolutely anywhere, as it’s so distinctive! From the Cape winelands and vineyard settings, to a Durban seaside soiree – or even in the heart of a safari landscape – the contrast alone would be exquisite!

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The key elements….

…are the colours! Amazonian green, teal and bioluminescent yellow – colours one cannot get from florals alone! By combining the creative minds at Wedding Concepts and Afresh Event and Design, we were able to bring these specific colours to life through various elements such as textiles, bespoke stationery, painted screens with textured wall paper, and design features such as bespoke wedding cakes! The secondary base colours of white and mixed metallics, were essential to refine the bright colours and give the overall look a sophisticated slant.

The beauty of the tablescape is that it is both contemporary and wonderfully glamorous! Suspended installations are still very much on-trend and a concept that has developed into fantastic floral works of art! For this piece, the floral installation was suspended in such a way so that it seemed to become a natural extension of the solid band of florals already on the table. White peonies and hydrangeas combined with almost neon yellow roses created a luxury centerpiece whilst the stems of green arum lilies and “popping out” peonies certainly added an elegant artistry to the table.

The table itself was completely customized and it too became a key contemporary art piece! The top was covered in a bright yellow fabric, designed by local textile designer Skinny laMinx, and its legs were made of Perspex to give it the ultimate modern edge. Stunning gold cutlery, stylish crystal glassware and bold stationery concepts complemented each place setting.

Our Expert Advice: for such a bold colour scheme, keep the florals simple in colour. White worked perfectly and added a sense of classic sophistication.

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And the Bride was Dressed by…..

Kristin Masters of Garnish Bridal Couture specially designed the stunning pink-pearlescent coloured 70’s themed bridal gown for this shoot. With a liquid-silk like appearance, this dress was the epitome of 70’s glamour with long batwing sleeves and the mirroring low V in both the front and back of the dress. For a glam bohemian touch, the delicately hand woven silver stone and crystal Zelus Crown by Bo & Luca was added as it reflected the soft pink colour of the dress beautifully! This would be the perfect glamour accessory to add to your look for the wedding reception and to dance the night away in.The more bohemian styled fitted white wedding dress had a beautiful cow neck and lace detail in the front and a stunning vertical beaded lace detail on the back. The veil that finished off this glamorous bohemian look was a magnificent piece from Bo & Luca. A stunning crown of silk hand cut petals and tiny stones encrusted and sewn into a layer of georgette silk.

The final dress was made by Klûk CGDT. It is the ultimate WOW party dress and we loved it because again, it was not white and came with fantastic volume and a sense of occasion that certainly stood its ground against this bold colour scheme! The palm print on the dress worked beautifully and for a dazzling touch of eclectic style, we added the ornate Hera Headpiece also from Bo & Luca. The hand crafted brushed gold glass stone crown was the perfect accessory to completely romanticize this look.

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Contributor Credits:

Concept, styling and co-ordination: Kate Diaz, Senior Project Manager and Creative Director at Wedding Concepts

Assisted by Shannon Khoury and Lauren Whiting, Project Managers at Wedding Concepts

Photographers: Tyme Photography

Floral & Structural Décor & Styling: Afresh Event & Design

Dresses: Kristin Masters of Garnish Couture

Palm Dress: Kluk CGDT

Jewellery & Veil: Bo & Luca

Model: Jade Hill from Ice Models

Hair & make-up: Monique Swanepoel

Venue: Katy’s Palace Bar

Cake: Pippa and Polly Cakery

Stationery: Secret Diary

Catering: Prep’ed by Sasha