Seaside Moroccan Glamour: Marcia & Craigs Real-Life Wedding

“Clever lighting, soft draping and beautiful touches of white and green floral décor transformed the rustic Strandkombuis into an enchanting setting.”

“Clever lighting, soft draping and beautiful touches of white and green floral décor transformed the rustic Strandkombuis into an enchanting setting.”

The vision for Marcia and Craig’s wedding was a Moroccan theme using green and white as the principal colour scheme and finding the perfect balance between a relaxed beach atmosphere that Craig wanted and the glamorous wedding that Marcia dreamed of. Other than her love for Craig, Marcia has a real passion for both butterflies and Swarovski crystals, so it was essential that they were equally featured throughout the celebration across various elements such as stationery, décor, the wedding cake and even on the personalised embroidered pashminas.

Clever lighting, soft draping and beautiful touches of white and green floral décor transformed the somewhat rustic Strandkombuis into an enchanting setting. As guests arrived they were greeted with refreshing homemade lemonade and asked to remove their shoes and slip on a pair of tailor-made flip flops before heading down to the beach for the ceremony. Marcia’s passion for butterflies impelled us to have 80 specially flown down from Durban for this celebration. 9 were symbolically released at the beginning of the ceremony to represent family and friends who are no longer with them. As fate would have it, one of the live butterflies landed on Marcia’s wedding dress and stayed there for the duration of the ceremony – she couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment!

The remainder of the butterflies were released after the ceremony and guests were then invited to enjoy celebratory sparkling wine and personalised cocktails. Craig’s cocktail of choice was a Mojito with a twist and for Marcia we served a “Marcini” which was in essence an apple martini. The unique colouring of the cocktails again captured the fun theme of their seaside celebration. Gary Deacon’s duo kept guests entertained during pre drinks and canapés consisting of local favourites like chicken and coriander samoosas and springbok Carpaccio with aubergine relish amongst others warmed up their appetites.

At sunset guests were asked to take their seats and DJ Preston took to the decks with sultry lounge music for dinner. The Strandkombuis team laid out a West Coast seafood feast as only they know how. Dishes like crumbed calamari, succulent Yellowtail fillets, delicious West Coast mussels, traditional beef potjie and garlic & sweet chilli prawns amongst others ensured that every guest was left utterly satisfied. After dinner the couple took to the dance floor for the cutting of the dazzling 4-tiered colourful butterfly cake followed by the first dance. Marcia & Craig – never leaving out any detail – ensured that their first dance would have a twist to it, in more ways than one! Their dance started of to the slow, smooth melodies of Al Green’s classic “Lets Stay Together” and then half way through the funky and modern Flo Riders “Low” was mixed in. The couple had a genuinely entertaining dance sequence rehearsed for the upbeat tempo and then later returned to the more traditional ballad. Guests were ready to party and joined the couple on the dance floor to dance the night away.

For those wanting to relax and put their feet up, white lounge pockets with a variety of designer green scatter cushions provided that comfort, whilst Moroccan Shisha’s with an assortment of fruity and exotic tobacco for guests to smoke served as further late night amusement.

Where & When:

West Cost, April 2010

The Look:

White and Green glamour with Moroccan decor touches

Guest List:

90 local and Zambian family and friends

Take Our Word:

Combining a rustic seaside venue with glamorous decor is a natural and easy way to combine opposite elements


Coordinator: Kim Werner

Photographer: Joe Dreyer