Nwabisa & Mikki – The Most Talked About Wedding of the year!

“Bold and beautiful, lavishly opulent, colourful and vibrant – are the buzz words for this designer wedding!”

“Bold and beautiful, lavishly opulent, colourful and vibrant – are the buzz words for this designer wedding!”

Nwabisa & Mikki’s wedding was always going to be the talk of the town and our brief at Wedding Concepts was to set a new standard in designer weddings. With 35000 roses forming exquisite table centre pieces, customised tables with organza covered tops, a dramatic custom-made dance floor and stage set for the Jazz Band with renowned singer Lindiwe Suttle, the couple were confident that this celebration had to be one that their 370 guests would remember and talk about for years to come.  It was also clear from the beginning that definite tailor-made and designer elements never seen before in Southern Africa were key for this elaborate celebration. The complex setup leading up to the wedding took place over 7 days and involved over 200 staff and suppliers whose tireless efforts turned the 900 square meter marquee into a master piece. A uniquely designed network of pin-spotting lights were carefully fixed to the ceiling of the marquee to ensure that the dazzling display of over 300 roses on each table were lit up from all angles as the sun set behind the mountains. The specially designed dance floor was painted by hand, with a 5-tier wedding cake dramatically placed in the center. Careful and strategic uplighting of the breathtaking surroundings as well as clustering trendy lampshades over the dance floor turned this exquisite marquee reception and nightclub-lounge into a venue and extravaganza that was fit for royalty.

Outdoor and indoor designer lounges in soft shades of pink, purple and white were especially created for the couple together with free flowing French Champagne and the sheer natural beauty of the Cape Winelands. Four different bands entertained with Classical, African, Jazz & Swing music and with a DJ creating a once in lifetime party for the well heeled guests and everyone agreed – this wedding was nothing short of absolutely spectacular. We agree!

Photography by: Zara Zoo Photography