Couture Colorado visits Cape Town!

“An truly African Experience”

“An truly African Experience”

It must be said, one of the best things to have come from being part of the online community of bloggers, wedding planners, photographers, stationers, florists etc (the list goes on!) are the wonderful relationships that we have developed with both local and internationally based friends and suppliers. One such person is the lovely Laura Dombrowski, the editor from Couture Colorado a one of a kind Colorado wedding inspiration blog and an invaluable resource to brides planning a Colorado wedding, featuring inspirations such as real life weddings, cool new products from the latest fashion trends and even wedding color schemes. Also on the blog is THE LIST, which is a resource of the most talented and passionate local wedding professionals. Our sister company, Travel Concepts, is a proud member of THE LIST as they have been recognised as valued honeymoon experts.

Laura and her husband recently visited our shores and contacted Travel Concepts to assist them in planning an amazing and tailor-made 2-week itinerary around South Africa, culminating in Cape Town. Her aim was to inspire American brides to travel further afield for their honeymoons and a trip to South Africa would prove how unforgettable an African honeymoon is! Laura – a budding photographer herself – captured some really impressive images on her travels.

To find out more about planning your exclusive African honeymoon contact Travel Concepts.