Celebrating Confetti

“Confetti, for many a bride, constitutes one of the key moments of the wedding day. ”

“Confetti, for many a bride, constitutes one of the key moments of the wedding day. ”

Imagine toasts without champagne, or walking down the aisle minus a bouquet? Worse even; a dance floor lacking a DJ, or a wedding cake but no knife to cut it with.  Some things at weddings just work best in pairs.  Two perfectly formed Jimmy Choo heels.  Starters and main course cutlery, neatly framing your plate.  Come to think of it, you and your fiancée too.

Confetti, for many a bride, constitutes one of the key moments of the wedding day. And truth be told, no ceremony is complete without it.  Making your exit in its absence is a bit like throwing a garter that gets stuck, mid-air, on a chandelier, three meters above the ground.  It leaves everyone yearning for a sense of closure.

The word “Confetti” is derived from the Italian ‘confectionery’ and relates to “sweetmeats” – the sugar coated grains and nuts that used to be thrown over the newlyweds.  This tradition dates back to a pagan wedding ritual which saw the couple showered with rice and grain as token of fertility, prosperity and continuity.  It was believed that the fertility of the seeds would be transferred to the couple on whom they fell.  In recent years, small pieces of coloured paper have replaced the sweetmeats as an inexpensive substitute but the intention remains unchanged – it allows couples to be showered symbolically by guests with their love and best wishes for a fruitful honeymoon and marriage.

The needs of the modern bride have largely transformed the appearance of confetti though.  The ‘showering’ action has been altered in accordance.  Coloured paper started making way for fresh flowers, with brightly coloured and fragrant rose petals leading the way. The naturally vibrant and romantic nature of roses has entrenched it as a timeless favourite when it comes to choosing confetti.  The fact that it looks great when displayed in glass vases and smaller individual containers alike has only added to its appeal.

While rose petals may look dreamy as they lie scattered across the ground in the aftermath of your recessional, they do tend to get very slippery when walked over en masse.  The aromatic qualities of herbs such as rosemary, lavender, thyme and eucalyptus leaves make for a sensory explosion but some argue that their down to earth organic charm falls short in the face of more upbeat alternatives such as soap bubbles (the non-toxic, non-stain variety available at most toy stores) which can be branded with personalised messages and ribbons; the tongue in cheek playfulness of paper streamers; or even the exotic option of spice sachets filled with a combination of vanilla pods, star anise, cloves, cardamom and dried juniper berries. More daring brides can also consider folded paper planes, printed with special messages of love, or sparklers(these work equally well during day time or at night when you leave the reception).  At Wedding Concepts we love all things fittingly matched to the incredibly lightness that surrounds the confetti moment. For more confetti inspiration, see ourCelebrating with Confetti Mood Board on Pinterest.

Here are our top tips for choosing confetti:

  • Decide on a colour scheme that either complements the overall look of your wedding day – or keep it stylishly simple by opting for neutrals like white or cream.
  • If you’re getting married in autumn, consider using leaves in the rich colours of fall: Red, copper, yellow and orange.  Most Oaks, Liquid Amber and Ash trees bear these rich colours.
  • Choose confetti that is easy to shower – not too chunky, won’t get stuck in your hair or dress, and is kind to the environment.  Certain trees drop winged seeds and flowers that one could harvest, as does Bougainvillea shrubs.
  • The packaging and presentation of confetti is really important.  Spend time considering the myriad of options available to you, and be sure to pull through design elements that are a part of your décor signature.  Mini-boxes, cones and sachets printed in line with other stationery elements on the day make a huge impact.
  • Ideally, there needs to be one confetti serving per couple.  Ensure your guests have easy access to it, or that the confetti reaches them in time for your exit.
  • Decide when you would like to be showered: As you walk back down the aisle (most likely at outdoor ceremonies); after you’ve signed the register; when you arrive at pre-dinner drinks; or as you leave the reception.
  • Check with your venue what is allowed around the use of confetti as many have restrictions in place.
  • For an amazing audible experience, get each guest a tiny bell which they can ring upon commencing your walk of fame.  This will create a magical, delicate sound resonating between you and your guests.
  • Make sure to indulge the moment you are showered by guests as this is typically a great photo opportunity to capture the joy of your union.  Walk – don’t run!