A sumptuous al fresco feast – Katherine and Arturo’s real life wedding

“Maximising the magic of the great outdoors, we set out to create a celebration of the senses. With nature the central character, a story of journeying unfolded in chapters of surprise, delight and emotion. ”

“Maximising the magic of the great outdoors, we set out to create a celebration of the senses. With nature the central character, a story of journeying unfolded in chapters of surprise, delight and emotion. ”

When your guests are as diverse and educated as the ones Katherine and Arturo had carefully handpicked to share in their union, you need to make very sure that you offer an experience that holds something special for everyone.  In merging two very unique cultures, Mexican born Arturo and South African Katherine realised that this was going to be an exceptionally interesting challenge.  Having lived and worked all over the world they knew that two golden rules were going to see them through: Less is more’ and Keep it real’.

Wedding Concepts went to great lengths to find them the perfect venue for their mid-summer soiree.   After much deliberation, the quaint La Petite Dauphine was chosen to play host to the festivities.  With so many wonderful ingredients to work with, our biggest task was to stir up the right concoction for their guests to savour.  Each aspect of the venue was to play a role: The large Oak trees, the gravel terrace, the fruit orchards, the tranquil water features, the exquisite mountain vistas, the lush vineyards, the cottage style buildings, the thatch roofs – and even the beloved farm dog and tame rooster.

Our aim was to afford the international guest list a taste of authentic South African hospitality at its very best.  Both bride and groom were very involved in the planning process, and soon we had established a clear division of roles. While Katherine had an unblemished vision of the décor style and general ambiance they desired for the day, Arturo was the mastermind behind the striking musical line up and sequence of formalities.  Great attention was paid to constructing a timeline that would see guests comfortable and taken care of throughout the day, as well as subtly incorporating a theme of the couple’s mutual journey.  This was to be a celebration of the paths that had brought them together, the embracing of the present moment, as well as the ignition of their joined passage ahead.

And a day filled to the brim with symbolism it was…  At the ceremony, the specially printed first page of the guest book was signed by the couple and their siblings in recognition of the beauty of love and the strength of partnership that unite.  Not long after that, Arturo had his gorgeous, glowing wife in tears as he took up the microphone to serenade one of their favourite songs.  The wedding cake was cut with a sword – a family heirloom – whilst guests tucked into the delicious, rustic style canapés.  With dinner – and some of the best prepared speeches we’d heard in years – out of the way, a tequila bar boasting imported Mexican brands set the tone for opening of the dance floor: A specially rehearsed tango!  Much later, Mexican songs echoed through the courtyard as the first guests started making their way home with personalised thank you gifts – mosaic candleholders handmade and supplied by a local community upliftment initiative.

The decor at this countryside celebration mirrored the beauty of the natural surroundings.  The blooms were soft and rustic with splashes of sage green, grey and light pink.  The air was filled with the fragrance of freshly cut rosemary and delicate stationery elements in a matching botanical theme adorned the tables.  Potted succulents were scattered around the area to add some Mexican flair.  The weather played along perfectly and some hours later the courtyard was washed in the romantic glow of oil lamps and fairy lights.  It was a fiesta marked by high levels of energy, hilarious dance moves and unlimited laughter – one with memories we’ll cherish for a long time to come!

Images by Lauren Kriedemann