A day in the life of the Wedding Concepts Team

“With a global team of creative talents our office is a hub bustling with energy. We share a day with our dynamic squad to share in some of the highlights that make our jobs so fulfilling.”

“With a global team of creative talents our office is a hub bustling with energy. We share a day with our dynamic squad to share in some of the highlights that make our jobs so fulfilling.”

Wedding Concepts, South Africa’s most sought after wedding and events management business, is renowned for their exclusive celebrations across the country.  With the launch of the Concepts Collection incorporating travel services, an event arm and the expansion into Johannesburg – it’s a busy and exciting time for the team.

With a global team of creative talents our office is a hub bustling with energy. We share a day with our dynamic squad to share in some of the highlights that make our jobs so fulfilling.

Rise and shine

At 08h00 the team members clock in and dedicate the first part of the day checking important e-mails.  Office Manager Megan Kenney does the all-important morning coffee run just before ten, when the team gets together for a status meeting.  On the agenda is a myriad of points for discussion: New enquiries, current projects, marketing initiatives, budget updates, as well as a trends alert.   By 09h30 tasks have been delegated, everyone has shared their diary for the day, and the real work can start.

Morning rush

Kim Werner, senior coordinator, sets off for a client meeting in the winelands.  At the venue, a site inspection gets underway.  Floor plans are drawn up, the flow of events on the wedding day is outlined, and the photographer arrives to meet the couple.  After two hours of intensive brainstorming, a food tasting follows and Kim takes notes whilst the clients tuck into the delicious fare.

Back at the office, Wedding Coordinator Kate Diaz is preparing for a décor mock-up with clients from Dubai.  The boardroom is transformed into a real life slice of the wedding day as the table gets festooned with elegant crystal candelabra, flowers in jewel tones, and scented candles.  Different cutlery and glassware options are carefully laid out so that the clients can choose their favourite combination.

Meanwhile, Hannes Loubser has made his way to the airport.  The Creative Director of the business, today he gets to enlighten prospective clients in Johannesburg regarding their marquee wedding in Polokwane.  His aim is to convey important information relating to the logistics of the big day – the sourcing of trained staff; the transportation of hired furniture; and arrangements around guest accommodation.

During the morning six new enquiries are received, and Managing Director Christina Holt handles each one with uncapped enthusiasm.  In between, she has a marathon Skype call with clients in New York and also designs a mood board with innovative design ideas for a UK bridal blog.

Out to Lunch

On most days, the Wedding Concepts team can barely afford to leave their posts to grab a bite.  Today, however, Group CEO Richard Holt has an important luncheon with a former client to discuss potential business leads for the Event Concepts division.  A keen relationship builder, it is Richard’s task to ensure that Wedding Concepts strategically aligns itself with leading thinkers in the industry at home and across the globe.

As Richard leaves, the magnificent marketing duo, Debbie Reabow and Danielle Pannack, returns from the Top Billing studios where the finer details around a Win-a-Wedding competition have been finalised.  With two upcoming TV recordings agreed, they can now focus their attention on the daily Facebook and Twitter updates, populating the new website with content, and briefing their design studio on new office signage and business cards.

On the Travel Concepts front, there’s not a moment to be spared either.  While Chantal is compiling exotic beach honeymoon options for a wedding couple, Mandi is shortlisting the most bespoke safari packages for an incentive group.  They compare prices, research new properties, check dates and bookings, coordinate transfers and timings, and issue vouchers.

No time for a nap

When the afternoon slump threatens to kick in, the team members recharge their batteries by going in search of inspiration…   Richard gets the second round of coffees for the day, with PA Megan finalising the details of his overseas trip.  Debbie shares a hilarious YouTube music video.  Kate gets her daily fix of local and international blogs – covering the spectrum from fashion and weddings to lifestyle and popular culture.

After the brief break, it’s all systems go again.  While Christina and Kim are meeting with new service providers – an up and coming DJ and a photographer from Germany who plans to spend the summer in Cape Town – Richard conducts an interview with a job applicant and Kate makes calls to source props for a styled shoot.  The team members make the most of the open plan office space to exchange ideas and create meaningful interactions.  Visitors come and go; parcels are delivered and collected; bit by bit the most breath-taking celebrations are taking shape.   It’s a testimony to pride and passion in action.

Collective Soul

As the day draws to a close, the team all but shuts down.  Kim is off to a client rehearsal dinner and Hannes makes his way to the launch of a new exclusive hiring company.  After a walk with their dogs at sunset, Christina and Richard are back online to start planning the next day.  In a weeks time the team gathers for a seaside dinner to celebrate the launch of the exclusive Concepts Collection and new websites.  It’s a cycle of creation and dedication that never stops. And, by all accounts, one that keeps this insatiable team in top form.

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Images by Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen, Gavin Casey, Jean-Pierre Uys, Ian Mitchinson & welovepictures